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Kern A. Olson, PhD
IT HURTS: A Practical Guide to Pain Management
Dr. Kern A. Olson earned his doctorate from the University of Wyoming. His Internship was at the University of Oregon Medical School, Department of Medical Psychology. He continued his studies in the area of biofeedback at the Professional School of Biofeedback in San Francisco, California, and at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City. At the University of Texas, Dr. Olson studied neuropsychology assessment.

Dr. Olson has worked as a Staff Psychologist of Mental Health Programs, in private practice, as Director of Behavioral Medicine and Psychological Services, and as a psychologist in a Pain Management Center. He is a member of the American Psychological Association, the Association for Advancement of Behavior Therapy, Society of Behavioral Medicine, and the Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback. Specific societies associated with the research of pain of which Dr. Olson is a member of are the American Pain Society, Western Pain Society, International Association for the Study of Pain, Neuromodulation Society, and Portland Pain Interest Study Group.

As a well-known pain management expert, Dr. Olson has an active history of invited lectureships and has contributed to numerous journal publications. At the time of the publication of this book, he sits on the editorial board of Practical Pain Management magazine and maintains a private practice in Portland, Oregon.
An authoritative source for the assessment of pain, approaches to treatment, and the management of pain, It Hurts is written for both patients and practitioners alike. Well-known pain management expert, Dr. Kern Olson, reviews the evolution of pain management throughout history and explains current thinking on psychological factors such as pain perception and motivation. As well, he discusses the topics of the roles of physical therapy, posture, body awareness and medicine in the management of pain. Sections of the book also cover the experiences and needs related to age and pain in the older adult and children. The book concludes with seven interesting case studies that put this valuable information to work.
ISBN: 9781942497417 (trade paperback)
ISBN: 9781942497424 (ebook)
Imprint: WellBridge Books
On Sale: 08/07/2018
Trimsize: 8 in (w) x 10 in (h) x 0.36300 in (d)
Pages: 170 /Case 23
Distributor: Ingram
BISAC1: HEA036000 Health&Fitness/Pain Management
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"This work represents a lifetime of experience and Dr. Olson’s passion for helping those who must confront not only pain but the potential challenges inherent in some health and compensation systems. I particularly liked the selection of case studies and his accounting of the dual role psychologists can find themselves in of being both a therapist and an advocate for patients.

“It’s not every day that you get to crawl inside the head of a psychologist to get a glimpse of how he views chronic pain and the people it affects. This view from the “other side of the couch” however is exactly what the reader receives—insights of relevance to clinicians and patients alike from a pain psychologist who has spent literally thousands of hours working with individuals faced with chronic pain. Dr. Olson has devoted his career to caring for and advocating on behalf of people with pain. His book is rich in antidotes, the basics of multidisciplinary care, and offers clear examples for why affective and cognitive factors need to be addressed in any case involving chronic pain. A true gem in this book is his collection of case studies. Representing hundreds of hours of therapeutic work, these cases provide a sampling of the challenges that face both patients and clinicians focused on managing pain for the long term.

“Chronic pain by definition is long term; and its management is not likely to be completed in 8–10 brief sessions. Dr. Olson leaves the efficient algorithms of managed health protocols behind, and takes the reader on a deep dive into the real world of pain and suffering that gets confronted by the many supportive providers needing to advocate on behalf of their patients.

“Dr. Olson knows both sides of the doctor-patient relationship. Being an individual with pain himself, he knows first-hand what suffering can entail. He knows the value of allowing sufficient time for the formation of a trusting doctor-patient relationship, the value of telling one’s story of pain, and the wisdom of introducing change when the patient is ready so that alterations in life style have a better chance of enduring. It is clear that Dr. Olson cares deeply for the individuals he has helped and this book represents his desire to pass his insights on to future patients and clinicians so that others may benefit from his experiences and perspective. “
–David A. Williams, Ph.D.
Professor, Anesthesiology, Internal Medicine, Psychiatry & Psychology
Associate Director, Chronic Pain and Fatigue Research Center
Associate Director, Research Development, MICHR, University of Michigan
President, American Pain Society
I was introduced to Dr. Kern Olson over a decade ago by Marvin Rosenfeld, the founder of the teaching journal, Practical Pain Management. He shockingly said, ‘This man is the one person who really knows and understands the gravity of pain and its treatment.’ Quite a statement, but I came to believe it. Long before about anyone else, Kern waded into the interface between mind-body-spirit.

“Most psychologists are stymied by the patient who complains of a physiologic symptom such as headache or spine pain, since these complaints are not purely behavioral. But not Kern. His early work in the rural West gained him an interest in headaches. Later, in the 1980s, he became a psychologist in the University of Oregon Anesthesiology Department. There he began to identify candidates with severe pain who had the psychologic underpinning to benefit from purely medical interventions such as implanted stimulators and intrathecal pumps. Among insiders, this work gained him the appropriate title of ‘America’s First Real Pain Psychologist.’

“It’s now been over a decade that Kern Olson has been my confidant and companion in publishing articles in Practical Pain Management. To me, aside from his expert writing ability and knowledge of contemporary pain problems, he has an exquisite grasp on the history of pain. As you read this book you will quickly realize that Kern approaches all subjects from a historical or origin-forward approach. To me, it is this quality that separates this book from all other pain books on the shelf.

“In summary, the serious pain practitioner and educator will not only enjoy a pleasant and informative read on a wide range of subjects, but will come to believe that something has been gained from a master who educates us from the ground up.”
–Forest Tennant, MD, DrPH
Former Editor in Chief
Practical Pain Management
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