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Bridges to Health & Wellness for the Whole Person through Creative, Solution-Oriented Books
Smokescreen: A Jewish Approach to Stop Smoking
The Transformative Power of Ten Minutes:
An Eight Week Guide to Reducing Stress
and Cultivating Well-Being
If you're ready to make some significant, positive changes in your life, learn techniques to move toward a fuller sense of well-being and experience greater self awareness, then you'll want to pick up this book by Dr. Beth Kurland.

Each weekly chapter combines practical exercises, examples, meditations and affirmations designed to be helpful in the workplace, at home, in your relationships and your personal life. Enjoy following each chapter over the span of 8 weeks, or do them at your own pace.
ISBN 978-1-942497-27-1
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“When you smoke you don’t think about the significance of how smoking impacts you and your surroundings. You just smoke and go about your routine activities. But when the oppression of the cigarette has been lifted and you become a non-smoker you realize you were formerly manipulated and enslaved by tobacco and the industry that promulgated its use.”

Smokescreen and the Smokescreen Workbook is a Jewish-based approach to smoking cessation that allows the reader to achieve a spiritual cleansing and healing accompanied by the use of strategies and techniques that have been derived from both Jewish sources and the behavioral sciences. While we anticipate that most readers are likely to be of Jewish heritage, we believe that those who come from other faith traditions, notably those of Abrahamic roots, will take away meaningful lessons that can improve their spiritual lives and thus lead them to eliminate smoking from their lives as well.
Rabbi Bruce D. Forman, PhD - Owing to his love of stories and storytelling a few years later he received ordination as a maggid, a traditional teacher and storyteller. Rabbi Bruce has published dozens of articles and book chapters. This is his sixth book and the third co-authored with Shoshannah. He lives in South Florida where he practices psychotherapy and hypnosis, and serves the Jewish community by officiating at weddings and other life cycle events. He also serves as the rabbi on cruise ships.

He received his PhD from Duke University in 1978 and has worked as both an academic and practicing psychologist. Following a religious epiphany at age 50 he sought additional learning opportunities and received ordination as a rabbi in 2003.
Maggidah Shoshannah Brombacher, PhD, is an academic, visual artist, author and maggidah (ordained Jewish preacher, story teller and spiritual guide). She studied Ancient Middle Eastern Linguistics, Culture and Codicology at Leyde University (Holland), and received a PhD in medieval Sephardic Hebrew poetry of the Portuguese-Jewish Community of Amsterdam.

She taught and researched at the Free University of Berlin and in Jerusalem and lives currently in Brooklyn with her family. Brombacher authored several academic and artistic books and illustrated even more. Her art is internationally recognized and delves deeply into Jewish lore and legends
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A licensed clinical psychologist since 1993, Dr. Beth Kurland works with people from preschoolers through adults. Her particular passion and expertise is in practicing mindfulness. She specializes in using mind-body strategies to help people achieve whole-person health and wellness. Connect with this author:
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