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Our focus at WellBridge Books is on personal transformation, attaining health and vitality, and increasing a sense of well-being through thoughtfully written self-help books, by authors who have experience and background in specialized fields of treating the whole person. Books published by us are carefully selected for their ability to guide the reader in a measurable, step-wise process of self-awareness that enhances the mind, body and spirit. Whether written by a practicing or retired psychologist, counselor, medical professional, certified life coach or a certified personal trainer, each book is written in straightforward, down-to-earth language and includes creative, solution-oriented programs (often with worksheets) which provide the opportunity to build life-long bridges to lasting, healthy choices.

Launching in early 2017 as an imprint of Six Degrees Publishing Group, WellBridge Books is a publisher that upholds the values of its mission of "publishing extraordinary works that uplift the human spirit."
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