The Transformative Power
of Ten Minutes:An Eight Week
Guide to Reducing Stress
and Cultivating Well-Being
If you're ready to make some significant, positive changes in your life, learn techniques to move toward a fuller sense of well-being and experience greater self awareness, then you'll want to pick up this book by Dr. Beth Kurland.
ISBN 978-1-942497-27-1
ISBN 978-1-942497-33-2
Gifts of the Rain Puddle: Poems, Meditations and Reflections for the Mindful Soul
Awaken to what is most important in your life and be present to the precious, unfolding moments through poems, meditations, and reflections. Awaken to what is most important in your life and be present to the precious, unfolding moments through poems, meditations, and reflections.
Smokescreen Stop Smoking Book Smokescreen Stop Smoking Workbook
ISBN: 978-1-942497-28-8
Ebook: 978-1-942497-29-5
ISBN: 978-1-942497-32-5
Smokescreen: A Jewish Approach to Stop Smoking
“When you smoke you don’t think about the significance of how smoking impacts you and your surroundings. You just smoke and go about your routine activities. But when the oppression of the cigarette has been lifted and you become a non-smoker you realize you were formerly manipulated and enslaved by tobacco and the industry that promulgated its use.”

Smokescreen and the Smokescreen Workbook is a Jewish-based approach to smoking cessation that allows the reader to achieve a spiritual cleansing and healing accompanied by the use of strategies and techniques that have been derived from both Jewish sources and the behavioral sciences. While we anticipate that most readers are likely to be of Jewish heritage, we believe that those who come from other faith traditions, notably those of Abrahamic roots, will take away meaningful lessons that can improve their spiritual lives and thus lead them to eliminate smoking from their lives as well.
ISBN: 9781942497417 (Print)
ISBN: 9781942497424 (ebook)
IT HURTS: A Practical Guide to Pain Management
An authoritative source for the assessment of pain, approaches to treatment, and the management of pain, It Hurts is written for both patients and practitioners alike. Well-known pain management expert, Dr. Kern Olson, reviews the evolution of pain management throughout history and explains current thinking on psychological factors such as pain perception and motivation. As well, he discusses the topics of the roles of physical therapy, posture, body awareness and medicine in the management of pain. Sections of the book also cover the experiences and needs related to age and pain in the older adult and children. The book concludes with seven interesting case studies that put this valuable information to work.
Kern Olson, PhD
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Dancing on the Tightrope:
Transcending the Habits of Your
Mind & Awakening to Your Fullest Life
ISBN: 9781942497431
Ebook ISBN:9781942497448
If life can feel at times like a challenging tightrope walk, how do we face life’s difficulties yet remain resilient and open-hearted? Rather than seeking “perfect” balance, or tiptoeing on our journey, how do we learn to embrace life and “dance”, in order to live most fully? In this book, clinical psychologist Beth Kurland reveals five common obstacles—habits of the mind that get in the way of living your fullest life—and five tools to transform these obstacles into lasting inner resources for resilience, peace, and joy.
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Firefly Culture
Illuminate Your Workplace by
Tuning In to Mindfulness
Written and compiled by two women authors, who have direct experience in business, teaching and people management, Firefly Culture is intended to be a personal development and empowerment experience suited for professional environments. It is a highly effective, proven and practical way of introducing mindfulness in the workplace.
Learn how to apply techniques of:
• Mindfulness
• Meditation
• A Positive Mindset, and more.
ISBN 9781942497486
Ebook: 9781942497493
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